What does a Swiss digital agency do and how can it help your business?

The importance of digital marketing for a business

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Digital is an integral part of our lives today, and of all aspects of your business. The rise of new technologies (from the simple use of a smartphone to Big Data) has therefore completely transformed the way we communicate and sell.

The challenge for your company is to succeed in its digital transition and to develop the right solutions not only to reach your future customers, to create a commitment with your brand at home, and to support them until the act of purchase.

There are many solutions (from creating a website to deploying Google Ads campaigns), which is why you will need a Swiss digital agency by your side.

But what does a digital agency do, and are its services really suitable for any type of business? Answer in this article.

What is digital marketing and why is it so important to your business?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and even just your website.

Whether traditional marketing takes the form of print advertising campaigns, telephone canvassing or even door-to-door sales, its digital version presents endless possibilities for your brand to reach a wider audience, in Switzerland and across the world. world.

In 2020, digital marketing is vital for your business and its notoriety. From having your own site to being on social media, digital content allows your target customers to learn more about your brand, product or service.

In short, to be competitive in an increasingly competitive market, you will have no choice but toadopt certain aspects of digital marketing. Because it is associated with many options and strategies, it will allow you to get creative and experiment with a variety of tactics marketing on a budget. It is also a particularly useful tool for measuring your results, and therefore your return on investment.

Why go through a Swiss digital agency?

On average, each Internet user spends 18 hours per week on the web (nearly 11% of his life, including sleep).

Digital being the new point of contact between your business and your customers, it will be particularly useful for you to use its many levers to develop your activity and increase your turnover.

Why hire a Swiss digital agency?

This is where the digital agency comes into play, which will not only support you in defining the most effective strategy, helping you implement it, and evaluating its impact.

Its main objective will be to boost your online presence, and for that, it will use all the possible channels and help you on several levels:

  • Know your target better : this is the first step in your online marketing strategy. It will allow you to offer the best possible offer. To do this, a Swiss digital agency will present you with the robot portrait of your ideal client, and will develop your future campaigns to address them directly;
  • Determine what works and what does not work in your communication : an audit will allow you to assess the positive points, and which areas to improve;
  • Establish an action plan : on the basis of this audit, the agency will develop a strategy to achieve your objectives (whether it is to generate leads, to retain your current users, or to develop your brand image);
  • Measure your results : the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy will not be measured only on likes or subscriptions. A digital agency will present you with precise figures and concrete data (leads generated, traffic, conversion rate, etc.) to analyze the relevance of your communication, and redirect it if necessary.

What services can she offer you?

It exists different types of digital agencies, and each will therefore offer more or less numerous services depending on your needs and the impact you are looking for. But in general, you can count on:

  • Search engine optimization : SEO affects all of your online marketing strategies. It is essential for your website to appear in online searches and therefore increase traffic to your page;
  • Search engine marketing : SEM strategies involve paying a search engine to increase the visibility of your website. They are closely related to pay-per-click advertising;
  • Social media digital marketing services : a Swiss digital agency allows you to better understand each platform, what audience you can attract via each of them, and how to reach it according to your company's objectives;
  • Emailing campaigns : Email delivery is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies, but it remains one of the best ways to generate leads.
  • Re-targeting : Retargeting gives you a second chance with people who have already visited your website, but left without buying anything.
  • Creating quality links : this is an important part of any SEO strategy. But a risky activity for the uninitiated, because of severe penalties imposed by Google to avoid spam links;
  • Integrated online marketing strategies : la plupart des agences de marketing numérique vous proposeront des stratégies intégrées pour s’assurer que tous vos efforts soient coordonnés et complémentaires.

Is this a suitable solution for all companies?

Digital marketing can work for any business, in any industry. Regardless of what you're selling, it always involves identifying the needs of your audience and creating online content that adds value to them.

However, this does not mean that all companies will implement a similar strategy. Hence the importance for your Swiss digital agency to analyze your needs and take into account the results you want to obtain.

We can for example differentiate marketing in B2B and B2C. For the first, it will be more relevant to focus your efforts on generating quality leads, through channels focused on companies like LinkedIn.

In B2C, your goal will be to attract as many people as possible to your website. And so you'll be more likely to focus on building an accelerated buying journey.

What budget to plan?

As with any expense, the budget allocated to your Swiss digital agency will depend on the marketing elements you plan to use in your strategy.

Choosing the right Lausanne digital agency

If you are focusing on incoming techniques Like SEO, social media, and creating content for a pre-existing website, the good news is that you usually don't need to invest a very large amount of money.

With outbound digital marketing techniques such as online advertising and buying mailing lists, however, you must plan for larger expenses. Your total budget will then depend on the type of visibility you want to achieve.

For example, PPC advertising on Google AdWords involves bidding against other businesses in your industry. Depending on how competitive your keyword is, this can be more or less affordable. That's why it'll be a good idea to focus on building your organic reach first.

How does our agency stand out?

Choose the right Swiss digital agency for your business should be done on the basis of your needs as well as your budget. By using our services, you are however guaranteed to obtain concrete results and achieve your goals.

With real expertise in digital marketing and the experience of all the tools we have just mentioned (SEO, web design, digital advertising), we allow our clients to generate new opportunities for their business, and to develop thanks to their online presence.

We achieve your goals by analyzing the context of your entity, understanding who your target customers are, and targeting the right levers to boost your growth.

Above all, we establish a partner relationship with your company, so that you can confidently make your digital transition. We bring a new perspective on your business, and help you take the necessary step back to develop it.

Ready to work with a Swiss digital agency ...

Business strategies have changed completely in recent years. Working with a Swiss digital agency will be for you a real opportunity to better understand the challenges of your sector and reach your target heart.

Because you will not have the time or the internal resources necessary to understand which tools or content are suitable for your business, our services will allow you to be more present online, but above all to ensure that this presence is translate into concrete results.

Whether you need to create or redesign your website, deploy yourself on social networks, or launch a campaign to promote your product, our experts will be at your side.