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A website is a great marketing asset in 2021. Likewise, if it doesn't serve your business, it's time to start a new one. Some important facts:

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine.
  • 63% of consumers primarily visit your business website.
  • 48% of those surveyed say website design is the number one factor in determining a business's credibility.
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In today's digital business landscape, every business needs a website.

So much so that it is your virtual storefront 365 days a year. So if your website is not compatible with mobile devices. Wherever it's outdated, isn't converting visitors into leads, or it's just not satisfying you .... So you need a digital website creation agency!

Whether for website creation or for a website redesign, we offer several solutions.

How to choose a service provider for website creation

From small business websites to large corporate projects, we have a customized solution for your business.

See the website portfolio

Generally speaking, as we say a picture is worth 1000 words, we invite you to consult our gallery of website designs. Come and talk to us about our project now to see if we can bring you our expertise.

Make dedicated mobile websites

The world has become mobile. And at the risk of surprising you, more than 70% of internet requests are made from a mobile device. Can your website handle this traffic?

This is why we create a website while thinking about the mobile. In this regard, with us everything is optimized and coded for the most recent mobile referencing practices.

Offer 100% personal themes

You will get a unique website for your business, because it is completely personalized, in any case designed from efficient conversion models. We propose website creation with WordPress, only in single mode!

You would be surprised how many web design companies have hidden clauses in their contracts.

Design and optimization of your pages

What does it take for a landing page to convert? At first glance we know the answers. With good components and good texts, we can improve the performance of your site.

Be able to write for the web

Your website is often your primary sales and marketing tool for your business. So, is your website content your best bet? As expected you need compelling and user-friendly texts for your website. Learn more about our turnkey writing services now!

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Characteristics of a sales-oriented website

Are you wondering why your competition is surpassing you? Indeed, it probably has something to do with their website and its content:

  • In fact, over 90% of online experiences start with a search engine.
  • To choose a digital website creation agency, be sure to have a site optimized for SEO.
  • The website will be compatible with mobile devices, as 70% of all online traffic in Europe comes from smartphones and tablets.
  • Also 57% of users say they will not recommend a company with a poorly designed mobile site.
  • Your website must be secure

In terms of user experience:

  • It is secured in SSL. Moreover, google prefers these secure websites in the search results.
  • Your website should be fast - loaded in under three seconds.
  • Otherwise 40% of them will leave and go to another site.
  • Your website needs the best user experience - users form opinions in 0,5 seconds.

Why choose a digital agency

As you know, you have a choice of website building companies for your company. However, let's be honest, we are neither the best nor the worst in our field!

We offer quality when creating websites. And our prices are attractive. Basically, here is what our clients tell us.

For a business owner, a website should be their best friend. No doubt the Belmont agency specializing in custom, sales-driven web designs can help.

Our work ranges from highly personalized web portals for businesses, to affordable web authoring services for small businesses. Simply put, we guarantee you will find what you like. From design to content, our team will take care of everything to provide you with a turnkey website:

  • Graphic design
  • Content creation
  • Coding
  • Advanced analytical monitoring

  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile compatibility
  • SEO optimization
  • Social media integration

communication with can

Are you looking for something completely personalized? Once again we do, the same no matter if it's your first website or even a simple SEO tweak of your existing website, you've come to the right place.

Let's put it simply, a website should look good, especially since it will be carefully result oriented. A professional web creation and marketing company, such as Belmont Web, can help.

Also, let's mention that we use years of data to guide our designs, so you're guaranteed to get a successful website.

Transform your site it will be your best seller

Contact our digital agency today.

So are you looking for affordable web design services? Getting started Belmont Web is a renowned web design agency with a dedicated team of designers who help you:

  • Increase leads
  • Drive sales growth
  • Optimize marketing costs
  • Differentiate their brands on the market

This is why unlike web design companies that focus solely on the appearance of your company's website, the Belmont Web digital agency in Lausanne and Geneva precisely targets your industry, your market and your clients. Rather than take our word for it, check out our website design case studies.

Especially since we work with businesses of all sizes throughout their website creation projects, from small local entrepreneurs to large corporations. Our team of web designers are ready to take on your next project.

Speaking of which, tell us about your business goals, you can also send us a message. Come discover our web design and development and marketing services.

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