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We offer you a slightly different article, which will allow everyone to better understand the services offered by a digital agency.

Disclaimer: Belmont Web is a digital agency based in Lausanne and Evian. We support our clients in the success of their digital strategy. 😉

What goals can our digital agency achieve for you?

With today's new technologies, there is a range of solutions to increase the visibility of your business and acquire new customers. When used correctly, they can help you reach not only the maximum number of visitors to your site, but also those who match your target audience, a qualified audience that you can convert into customers.

A website is the main tool of any digital strategy. Consequently, our digital agency dedicated a whole service to the creation and redesign of sites.

Of course, design is an important element. However, it is not sufficient. Indeed, a website must be visible to be profitable : this is the mission entrusted to our SEO experts. They master the art of natural reference, especially the Google SEO. Normal, he rules!

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Successful Google SEO creates an influx of qualified visitors. However, you still have to convert them into customers. This is the role of our web editors, they master the recommendations of search engines. As a result, our SEO agency will offer you optimized texts according to the rules of the art of SEO.

However, your site is not the only lever to operate. A whole battery of actions and tools can also be called upon. In this regard, it is important to stress that the proposed solution will be tailor-made. Indeed, it will take into account your internal and external environments, your overall marketing strategy and your budget.

Website creation

Whether for a creation or a redesign, the design we will offer you will be attractive and functional. In addition, your graphic charter and your universe of communication will be declined and integrated. Our references will give you a better idea on the creativity of our web designers, as well as on their aptitude to endow your site with a personality adapted to your values, your products and sector of activity.

On the other hand, you know that the architecture of a site is an important pillar of its SEO. In this regard, your pages should be easily crawled and indexed by bots (not all of them, in order to optimize your crawling budget). Likewise, your customers' navigation must be fluid.

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Need a powerful marketing platform, used creativity and analysis combine

Clear architecture increases visit time and decreases bounce rate. These two criteria are taken into account by the engines to assign you a position on their search pages. As a result, our designers take this into account and thus make it easier for our SEOs. They know that Belmont web is also a SEO agency.

Belmont web: a digital agency

The generation of qualified contacts will be the goal of our experienced SEOs. Thus, your pages will be optimized on queries adapted to your marketing positioning and your commercial offer. Indeed, our cap seo agency does not make us forget that of marketing agency.

To succeed in your natural referencing, we will implement a process that leaves nothing to the approximate.

Audit of your site

The audit of your site allows you to highlight your strengths, as well as the areas for improvement to be made to increase its efficiency.

The technical aspect of this essential step is used to detect technical failures that prevent your site from ranking. In this regard, it can be unindexed pages, broken links, photos to compress, errors in directives, security, responsive design, page speed, browser cache, server response time, etc.

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The SEO audit will start with a keyword analysis. Basically, we'll make sure that every page should be optimized for a main keyword and long tail phrases. In addition, we will perform a keyword analysis of your main competitors. Rightly so, this analysis will provide valuable information to exploit commercially.

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Strategic keyword selection

The choice of your keywords impacts your SEO and marketing performance. So, it is not advisable to try to position yourself on queries with limited potential (your traffic will be very reduced), as it is advisable to avoid those which are very competitive (sometimes it is wise to avoid a lost or very expensive fight). On the other hand, a deep analysis of the statistics can reveal the existence of a profitable niche to exploit.

On-site optimization of textual content

The objective of this step is to allow robots to better understand your texts in order to categorize them properly. In short, the Belmont Web SEO experts will make this task easier for the robots so that they return it to you in terms of visibility.

Search engines and seasoned SEO experts continually disseminate recommendations to observe: structuring in titled paragraphs (Hn), filling in meta tags (title, meta description, meta robots), URL strings, concentration of keywords, logic semantics, location of key phrases, bolding and underlining, etc.

Our web editors ensure a permanent seo watch. As a result, they are very familiar with the recommendations of the engines. So, your text will be designed to appeal to robots (better SEO), without neglecting your prospects (better conversion).


Developing a netlinking strategy consists of installing external links pointing to your site. As'seo agency, we attach great importance to this pillar of organic SEO because it is decisive. Its principle is simple: the more backlinks you have (positive votes from Internet users) the more popular you are and are propelled to the top of search pages. Let us mention that the Belmont Web SEOs are excellent Ninja linkers. It must also be said that they attach more importance to the quality of your external links than to their quantity.

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Internal mesh

Easier to set up than the external link, it consists of linking your own pages through internal links.

A well-structured internal network offers your readers a rewarding experience. As a result, they will spend more time browsing your site. Thus, Google will consider your relevant content and give you good SEO performance indices.

Content marketing

Engines have a reputation for being textual beasts. As a result, you have to feed them constantly to gain their favor. However, they are foodies. For this reason, your content must be of quality.

Our content marketing specialists will guide you towards the content best suited to your marketing and sales objectives. In this regard, they always keep in view that your first goal is to convert visitors into customers.

Text continues to be the favorite dish of search engines. However, video media has established itself as a powerful vector of attraction and adhesion. It is no surprise that it has the favor of the Internet public, as the statistics show. Therefore, we will offer you an adequate mix of formats, as well as a distribution schedule spread over time. Indeed, a good Google SEO is necessarily designed over time.

Local SEO

Analysis of the billions of data collected by Google has enabled it to deduce that Internet users' search intentions are often local in nature. Thus, he gave pride of place to geo-localized referencing. Better yet, he designed a powerful tool based on the criterion of geographical location: Google my business.

The internal referencers of our digital agency master this tool, as well as the other techniques of local seo.

- Positioning tracking tools

Google my business

GMB is a free interface from Google which is primarily intended for companies with a distribution policy based on a geographic criterion.

We will optimize the configuration of your Google my business account according to the rules of local SEO. This powerful tool offers the possibility of inserting optimized texts, integrating images and videos, promoting your commercial actions and disseminating your contact details and your itinerary.

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Development of a digital marketing strategy

The digitalization of the economy, and of society in general, has transformed the habits of consumers and given them more power. As a result, marketers have adapted their approach and their tools to the new purchasing methods of consumer actors: communication is more targeted and the offer is more personalized.

Our approach at Belmont Web consists of determining the channels frequented by your prospects (the web, social networks, distribution platforms, etc.), boosting your visibility there, making them land on your pages, converting them into leads and pushing them to the action.

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Belmont web: a 360 ° digital agency

Our web agency's offer covers all channels and potential points of contact with your prospects and customers.

We use the best software and tools on the market. In addition, our watch is permanent. In this regard, our employees are regularly trained in the latest technological innovations in order to be ever more efficient.

Google and colleagues' algorithm updates are tracked by Belmont web seo advisors to guarantee you the best SEO. Likewise, the mass migrations of Internet users from one channel to another are taken into account.

Whether for branding, website building, Google SEO, local seo, digital coaching or social media dissemination, we will entrust your project to a team of experienced experts.

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The composition of this team is transversal. Indeed, we consider that the group synergy effect is capital in terms of digital solutions: a talented web editor or designer can never replace a SEO specialist despite their knowledge in this field. We aim for excellence!

The acquisition channels covered by the Belmont web solution

First of all, it should be noted that our digital solution proposal will be integrated into your overall marketing strategy and your communication policy.

We will offer you an omni-channel strategy. Consequently, all the channels adapted to your needs will be solicited: web (content marketing and SEO), social networks, video platforms, display and email marketing. In accordance with our permanent quest for efficiency, the creation of symbiosis between these different levers will be our common thread.

The training of your employees

After the implementation of the selected levers, we also provide training and coaching for your employees for better monitoring and better ROI.

We see our relationship with our customers as an alliance.

Belmont Web is a 360 ° digital agency which offers you global support. We will be your allies both in your fight for visibility on the web and in achieving your marketing and commercial objectives.

Whether for natural referencing, local referencing, creation of a new site, the redesign of an existing site or the development of a marketing strategy online, our team of experts is committed to providing you with the right solution.

Your objectives will be our missions.

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