A healthy lifestyle for an efficient developer

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It's no secret that working long hours on the computer isn't healthy. You only have to take a look at the abundance of wellness products for the professional world to be convinced.

From sit-stand desks to wrist splints, there are many accessories designed to correct the various ailments of the modern worker.

As useful as they may be, these products cannot be cured. In such a context, it is crucial to prioritize prevention. Both physically and physiologically, as well as mentally. In particular for developers, whose hygiene of life is too often relegated to the background.

Understand the dangers of the typical developer lifestyle

Sleepless nights, unlimited coffee, eyes riveted on the multiple screens, hands in constant activity and the incessant stress of bugs and the anxiety of deadlines… Almost all developers will recognize this. And for good reason: developers rarely have absolute control over their schedule.

There are too many conspiring elements to capture his full attention and time. Whether it's big projects, unexpected bugs, security vulnerabilities or updates, developers go from one emergency to another.

Not surprisingly, this situation is stressful. An insidious and constant stress which is almost glorified by the culture of the profession. After all, for many people, the “real developer” has dark circles, lower back pain, only sleeps after exhaustion and only prioritizes his job. It's an unhealthy lifestyle that affects all aspects of your physical, mental and even professional health.

How to fix it: routines, accommodations, ergonomic pillow and nutrition

As a developer, you cannot afford to neglect your physical and mental well-being. You are certainly already aware of this, but the deterioration of your health or your psychological state will immediately affect the quality of your work. A career as a programmer is not an option if you are continually in pain, overworked, and on the verge of depression.

To remedy this, it is imperative to build daily routines, make adjustments to your workspace, improve the quality of your sleep and better control your nutrition. Like an application or a service that you must maintain, your body needs to be purged of elements that undermine its well-being. It must benefit from a favorable environment to operate in optimal conditions.

Routines to build

These routines are completely up to you. The idea is not to prepare for a marathon or adopt military rigor in your everyday life. Rather, it's about getting your body used to a constant pace. Create a semi-flexible daily schedule. So you can wake up at the same times every day, exercise, spend the same amount of time every day at work, introduce eating breaks and plan rest time.

Although this solution is extremely simple, its implementation can be complex. In particular for developers who are punctuated by the urgencies of the profession. Still, you should do your best to at least schedule the times you go to bed and start your day.

Workspace layouts

There is a direct correlation between your workspace and your peace of mind. Clean up your desk, get rid of the clutter, and even try a minimalist approach. If you can, change the decor and go for neutral or light tones that give the impression of expanding the space.

In ideal circumstances, you should choose a space that is spacious enough and introduce storage furniture. Among the arrangements, we also think of adjustable sit-stand desks that can prevent bad posture and its attendant ailments.

These arrangements must also go through your virtual workspace. Organize your office, create folders and organize your business documents there. Take the time to create a storage system for your projects and their different versions.

Improve your quality of sleep

It is not enough to go to bed at fixed times to enjoy a restful sleep. You still need to be able to sleep well. For example, move away from screens already 30 minutes before going to bed, in order to reduce the effects of blue light. Also consider developing a ritual to condition your body when it's time to sleep: meditate, exercise, listen to music, etc.

Likewise, you can change your mattress or treat yourself to a ergonomic pillow which guarantees your comfort and well-being. No more mornings punctuated by neck pain and nights interrupted by discomfort. The better you sleep, the more energy you will have to face your day.

Improve your nutrition

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Help your body and recover the nutrients spent daily, while cleaning up your diet. In other words, you will need to do your best to adopt a diet that supports your body's needs over the long term.

To begin with, you will need to relearn how to eat at regular times. For example, refrain from snacking while you work. If you feel hungry, take advantage of your next break to eat. But resist the temptation to create a rhythm and get your body used to it.

Then replace junk food with healthier products. Think again ! It is entirely possible to eat healthy while enjoying the succulent flavors. You can therefore continue to eat sweet, spicy, salty or fatty without compromising your health. Above all, by opting for more balanced nutrition, you will stop accumulating weight so that you can feel better about yourself.


As passionate about digital professions, we tend to neglect our health and well-being. Yet our body is the only real tool we have. It is not reasonable, or even useful, to sacrifice one's physical or mental well-being for one's profession. Therefore, adopting a healthy lifestyle is a first step in the right direction, to find a harmony between passion, profession and health.