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If you want to propose partnerships, insert advertising or publish sponsored articles, here are our proposals.

We advise you not to contact us if you do not agree, especially on the payment methods:

The conditions to be respected:

  • sponsored Article - From 50 Euros  (you provide the article)
  • Request links - We do not insert links, but we can accept banners in the form of classic advertising (Contact us for our rates).
  • Partnerships - Send us your requests. The article must not be advertising / promotional (this becomes a sponsored article with the conditions that apply) and it must be integrated with our themes.

Payment method : We do not accept Paypal payments regardless of the condition
We only accept Payoneer. We also accept international bank transfers. But be careful with the transfer, since we are in France, the commissions can be high (up to $ 15 per transfer, please check with your bank in advance).

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To be completely transparent, below you will find the site statistics. They are taken directly from my statistics plugin:

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