Loss of positioning on google, what to do?

loss of positioning in google

In 2020, we had a client who was placed in the highest positions for many words that concerned them and suddenly lost their positioning.

It only took a short time for them to plummet in their traffic.

Have you ever had this experience ? If so, you will know exactly what it means.

The sensation in your belly goes with the news, it's shock! Indeed, you know how it will influence your work and the relationship with your client.

The analysis showed what had caused this drop in positioning. And we hoped to fix this problem before it caused too much financial damage.

If you've been in SEO for a long time, you probably know what happens in this kind of situation.

No matter why your site fell in the search engine results list, countering this trend requires a work on your natural referencing. Often a minimum of effort is enough, especially if your site has been a leader for some time. It is essential to find what causes this decrease in visibility on SERP in order to take the necessary measures.

In this scenario, we didn't need a detective to find out what happened.

My client had asked us to do the necessary to get them quickly to the better positioning in google. Time was running out, not months, but weeks, and all of this in a competitive niche.

What solutions to apply and find a good ranking in google

There was only one way to rank this business. This consisted of using tactics contrary to the terms and conditions of google console. Even though it was dangerous, it has often been successful in the past, at least temporarily. And especially before Google releases the Penguin update.

Even though I had clearly described the risks, my client told us to do whatever we needed. So that's what we did.

However, we were not surprised to find that their world rankings were in free fall. My client was not either. And he didn't get upset because we had told him the rules and the consequences of the violation.

However, he was not very happy to have to start all over again. Eventually, they had earned more income than they had spent. This is what we call a risk / reward scenario, vis-à-vis a loss of positioning very predictable on google.

Unfortunately, most problems are not always so easily diagnosed.

Throughout this article, you will learn some techniques for diagnosing and evaluating positioning loss.

The same as losing traffic when you haven't broken any of the recommendations.

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Consult Google console which provides a wealth of information on loss of positioning

This must be the first place you have to look.

Google Search Console sends email push notifications for many serious issues. Such as netlink spaming, parsing errors, and structural issues.

Besides, you can evaluate a substantial amount of data to identify other less visible, but potentially serious problems.

Everything is on the home page, via a summary that concerns your loss of positioning or ranking.

As a result, it gives you an overview to point you in the right direction.

Inspection of URL is a necessary tool to analyze some websites. For example, it allows you to display locations with the “gaze” of the Google robot.

This is very useful for problems that do not appear visually on a site. But that cause problems for Google robots.

[Image: URL Inspection]

It is particularly suitable for identifying problems that affect websites included in the Google index. These include server errors or sites submitted but containing a no-index metatag.

Image: Cover]

Hello doctor Google, help me fix this positioning problem!

Generally speaking, you will understand precisely why you are getting terrible manual suspension. In fact, this is most often a violation of the Google Console rules.

In short, buying links or generating poor quality spammy content.

But sometimes setting up schema markup can be as easy as creating an innocent error. You can visit the Manual Actions section for this information. Google will notify you by email of any manual sanctions.

Image: manual actions] Google will recognize on your website virus or malware issues they care about.

Also note that the absence of notification on this subject does not mean that there is no problem. It just indicates that Google doesn't know it yet.

[Security photo]

Check your site's tags, like robot.txt and meta-titles

This is especially common when a new website is transferred from a design server to an active server. Even though the loss of positioning can happen at any time.

It's not uncommon for someone to click in the wrong area of ​​WP or install a plugin. In short, this results in the deindexing of one or more websites.

Photo: WordPress search setup]

Analyze the index settings of all SEO plugins you have installed. (opposite, the Yoast plug-in). You will find it in the installation wizard.

Image: Yoast installation wizard]

Check the level settings for each section associated with indexing. (Yoast again.) This is usually found in the pages and posts edit area.

Start by examining by starting with the urls whose placement and traffic went down in the positioning.

But it is essential to take into account all the items to avoid that the problem does not get worse.

It is also important to check the robots.txt file. This assures you that it is not edited in a way that blocks search engine bots.

[Image: Other blog settings]

A properly configured robots.txt file should look like this:

User-agent: *
Disallow: / cgi-bin /
Disallow: / tmp /
Disallow: / wp-admin /
And on the other hand, an improperly configured robots.txt file might look like this: User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Check that your site has not been hacked

When most people think of hacking, they often think of data fraud and rightly so, but rarely the loss of positioning on google.

When faced with this, you might think that you are safe from hacking attempts. Because this type of information is not stored on your server. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated.

The hackers are sort of playing the lotto, your site is a number, so an additional potential gain. This can help them hit the jackpot by attacking your visitors, thus spreading out to other people.

They can spread malware or computer viruses by hacking your site. Therefore try to exploit more computers. Through this, find the data they are looking for through you, because your site is a trusted host for visitors.

But the impact of hacking does not end with the loss of ranking

We know about backlinks on and to websites. But some people hack and embed their backlinks on different sites and go fishing.

It must also be said that hackers take measures to hide these links. For example by placing them in old texts or even by using CSS to try to hide them.

Not to mention financial links, rotten content, viruses and other malware. In addition, a hacker can delete your site or spread rumors, not to mention the loss of Google positioning.

Search engines can therefore remove a website from the google index.

The first and most important action you need to take is taking the right steps to secure your website.

Many hackers are looking for a simple goal. Therefore, if you force them to roll up their sleeves to get there, they usually move on to the next goal.

You should also make sure that the antivirus and malware system automatically updated on your server.

Indeed, most hosting companies do. But even then, it's essential to review your blog every now and then to check for outgoing links.

Screaming Frog software offers a simple solution by producing the results as a CSV document. Then you can go through them quickly to check for anything that looks weird.

If your ranking drop is related to hacking, then obviously you will receive an email from Google console. And even if you hadn't noticed it for yourself before.

The next step is to protect your website and fix problems quickly. You can request a reconsideration through the Google Search Console if you are sure everything has been resolved.

Analysis of inbound links

This is an important factor. If inbound links are creating a loss in your positioning and your traffic, it is usually due to one of the following three issues.

  • Reaction caused by link building techniques that do not comply with Google console guidelines
  • Depreciation or loss of links
  • A significant increase in links to the websites of one or more competitors.

In most cases, this will not affect your ranking immediately. Indeed, the links will artificially increase your ranking before being recognized by google.

Then google will penalize your website in the search results.

Besides, you should always create new high quality links that comply with Google's rules. Therefore, only by doing this can you expect lasting improvements.

A devaluation shows that Google still attaches less importance to these unique connections. However, it could be an even larger algorithmic devaluation.

As we see with the footer links, which today are devalued. This is because of the behavior of website owners.

To take another example, a website that is known to buy or sell links could be penalized. So making the links on this site less important, if not unnecessary.

Note that increasing links to competing sites gives Google more influence for your website.

Nowadays, Google's content analysis algorithms are constantly evolving. Thus, they experience 1 monthly update on average.

Loss of classification, quality, even more quality

We remember a time when we could produce a lot of poor quality 400 word pages. However, the search results were climbing quickly and for quite a long time.

Now, we don't usually go all the way to the first page for mainstream topics with 400 words. From now on the searches position pages of more than 1300 pages of words occupying the first place of the ranking.

D'after studies this factor is important, but should not be taken into consideration alone. But it goes further than that, for example there is the loading speed.

Competitors who overtake you rate what your content, your site is doing differently.

Word counting is only a key part, and in itself, that doesn't mean much. In fact, instead of focusing on word count, you need to assess whether your content is complete.

He answers all the common questions on the subject. In other words, more in depth than the content of your competitors' websites?

In conclusion, is it exceptional, original and useful to read?

Besides, do not answer this question based solely on feelings ...

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