Introduction : Reminder on what is a digital web agency

In this article, we'll look at how digital marketing can help small and medium-sized businesses increase their revenue.

Small and medium-sized businesses often have a hard time competing with large companies because their marketing budgets are limited.

By using a digital agency, these businesses have access to many tools that allow them to get the same visibility as large companies. The goal of these agencies is to generate leads for their clients through online services such as social media, websites, blogs, analytics and more.

A digital agency in Fribourg for SMEs

The digital agency in Fribourg,, is aimed at SMEs that do not have the expertise and skills to develop their website or their various digital tools. Whether you are an SME or a large company, it is essential to have a professional website in order to reach a maximum of potential customers. With the digitization of media, consumers are more and more used to browse the internet to buy goods but also to find services.

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Why: SMEs do not (always) manage to position themselves on the Internet

For small and medium-sized companies that wish to develop on the Internet, a digital agency in Freiburg offers the possibility to call upon qualified personnel. Not only can companies use this service, but they can also use it to increase their visibility and reputation on the web. The web is the easiest and most effective way to reach a large audience. Depending on your business objectives, you can use these tools to promote a product or service, or to increase your reputation. The possibilities are numerous!

With the constant evolution of technology, companies need more and more cutting-edge services to keep their customers loyal.

Coupled with the rise of digital technology, more and more small and medium-sized businesses are seizing the opportunities that the web offers. Nevertheless, companies that do not go online often feel powerless in the face of competition.

What types of digital services exist for an SME?

A company that wants to develop its digital communication, can quickly find itself in a situation where it is not able to use all the possibilities offered by the web. It is therefore essential to know what tools are available to you and what you can do on the web. What can it do for them? For companies in transition, it is indeed essential to have access to refined and effective digital services in its communication function, here is what we propose:

  • Local referencing

In today's world, it is easier than ever for small businesses to compete with the big players in their field. The internet allows people to search and find products and services from anywhere. This makes search engine optimization a top priority for small business owners.

SEO can help you put your business on the map so that your target audience will be able to find you when they are looking for what you have to offer.

  • Mobile-friendly design

Responsive web design is an approach to web design and development. It uses fluid, flexible images and applications that intelligently reform according to the size of the screen they are displayed on. This means that your website can display properly on smaller mobile screens such as iPhones and iPads.

Mobile responsive design is quickly becoming a common approach to website design for small businesses in Fribourg.

  • Web development

In today's digital world, having a website is not enough. It must be up to date with the latest web development techniques and offer a user experience that will motivate potential customers to convert into paying customers.

One of the most important aspects of design for this type of project is usability. This means that when a customer visits your site, they should intuitively know how to navigate through the different pages and find the information they are looking for.

  • Marketing and strategy consulting

Today, many companies want to stay ahead of their competitors and find new ways to outperform them. Marketing and strategy consulting can help them do that. With years of experience helping start-ups and established businesses alike, our Freiburg digital agency for small and medium-sized businesses is well-equipped to offer your business all the expertise you need to stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

At smart impact Digital Web and Marketing, we focus on providing innovative and customized solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the Freiburg area. Our team of digital experts work with you to ensure that your business reaches its full potential online, while building a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often considered a difficult topic, but it doesn't have to be.

digital agency Fribourg and surroundings for your SME

Digital competition between SMEs has increased

Often, a business has a lot on its plate. It has to think about how it will grow and sustain itself in the future, generate revenue from sales or grants, and support its employees. With so much at stake, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by all the tasks that must be accomplished at once. That's where a digital agency in Freiburg comes in. These agencies offer a comprehensive set of services that can help you manage the digital transformation of your business. Am I a good candidate for this service?

A company that wants to begin its digital transformation must be able to answer the following questions: Are we ready for digital evolution?

How much does a digital agency cost?

A digital agency is an important asset for any business to have, but the cost of such a service can be prohibitive for small start-ups and SMEs. Digital agency Freiburg for SMEs is an affordable solution that offers a low cost option with high quality work and many benefits for your business.

The most common problem for SMBs is the difference between the costs of digital communication services and a company's perception of those costs. This makes it difficult for a small, often busy business to afford the costs of digital communication.

Conclusion: For SMEs, it is essential to counter the competition and to be visible

For SMEs, it is essential to counter the competition and to be visible by developing a digital strategy. Our digital agency in Fribourg can help by providing the right resources, following the latest trends and implementing them through effective marketing campaigns. A digital strategy consists of building a marketing plan on the following four pillars:

Relationship management, content, digital platforms and technology.

First of all, a digital marketing strategy should be in line with the company's strategy and cover the challenges and opportunities the company faces.