What business results can we help you achieve?


Any entrepreneur who aspires to stay in the game and be profitable over the next five years should ask themselves:
“How can I use technology to improve the outcomes and processes that are important to my business?”

The Belmont Web agency helps entrepreneurs answer this question.

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The power of listening

Our team of digital experts will guide you through a process of assessment and personalized strategies. She supports you throughout the implementation of the solutions. Both at the creative and technical level.

Some results you can expect with us:

  • Reaching buyers correctly millennials.
  • Use the right communication channels. 
  • Retain your customers thanks to a true spirit of service linked to technology.
  • Better reputation & image.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Increased employee engagement through streamlined processes.

Three facts to remember

  1. digital technology, including computers and smartphones, increases productivity.
  2. more and more users of digital technology are small businesses or individuals.
  3. the vast majority of digital technology users cannot get enough value from the investment of their time and money.

    - Seth Godin will say too, entrepreneur and author of ten best-selling books around the world.

They are talking

It's never too late

"During all my years of experience, this is what I call a transmission of knowledge and it has helped us to position ourselves as a leader in our branch"

Tom berger / Choco-club.ch

Your investment

Digital success is about doing the right things consistently. Together we will:

  • Help your prospects find you when they need you.
  • Getting your current customers to come back more often because they love the way you make them feel.
  • Position your business as a trusted leader.
CHF 800.-
4 hours
Ideal for beginners
Data collection
Basic analysis
Adapted proposals
Tool transmission
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CHF 5900.-
9 weeks of 4 hours
Data collection
Full analysis
Tailor-made proposals
Implementation monitoring
Performance report
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We support your transformation

Between your site, your CRM, social networks, intranet, announcements, newsletters, referencing… it is difficult for SMEs to navigate. Our tailor-made services will allow you to improve your digital transition, as well as your online presence.