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Digital advertising, the leading advertising medium

From the United States to France, the online advertising continues to nibble on market share. This type of advertising has aroused real enthusiasm from companies for many years. In this area, the giants Google et Facebook get the lion's share, but Amazon enters the game with force. As for traditional media (print, press, television and radio), they are gradually losing ground.

This trend is also confirmed in Switzerland: the online advertising revenue continues to rise. According to Swiss Statistical Foundation in Advertising, the internet advertising revenue reached the sum of 2,1 billion in 2017. The following year, advertisers continued to invest in digital by injecting 547 million francs into it. The growth in the online advertising sector therefore cannot be denied.

The different forms of online advertising

Concretely, the concept of digital advertising refers to the promotion carried out on the Internet and on various digital tools. Smartphones, tablets or computers, advertisements appear on all media. In addition, they can take different forms.

  • la display advertising : it's a online advertising that uses graphics, audio or video. Examples: banners, pavers, wrapping and video spots.
  • the commercial links : those are advertising links in text format that appears on search engine results pages. It is then a question of Search Engine Advertising (SEA). On Google, advertising campaigns go through the dedicated program Google AdWords.

The benefits of internet advertising

In the age of the Internet, no business can do without an online presence. Website creation and social media accounts are essential. The main advantage of digital advertising lies in the possibility of reaching millions of consumers around the world very easily. 

Moreover, the advertising campaigns can gain profitability by targeting an audience through cookies. Indeed, it is possible to broadcast specific advertisements to each Internet user, according to their interests and purchasing habits. 


Third advantage of online advertising : benefit from detailed statistics. Several tools provide precise data on website visitors or a social network page. You can for example know the number and the web user profile, the number of clicks, the Conversion rate... 

The analysis of this valuable information allowsrefine the digital marketing strategy of your company. You achieve your goals quickly, but also at a lower cost. In fact, the digital advertising price is lower than that of print advertising.  

Finally, the online promotion of your business can take different forms that are more attractive to customers. Your advertising message becomes interactive or turns into video for greater impact.

A web agency expert in digital advertising

The sector internet advertising is very broad and encompasses various solutions. Terms SEM, SEO, SEA and SMO probably don't tell you much. This is normal since it is the digital marketing lexicon. What type of online advertising to choose For Your Business ? How to get the most out of it? 

At Belmont Web, we interact with you to fully understand your needs and expectations. Our digital advertising experts offer you adapted and tailor-made solutions. Our objective : maximize the return on investment of advertising campaigns of our customers. For that, we assure you a personalized follow-up and provide regular reports.

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