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The performance criteria of a website

In 2018, SEMrush conducted a study on website performance. It is based on the analysis of 150 sites chosen at random (desktop and mobile versions). The result is revealing: 000% of them present problems that negatively impact their performance.

Here are the most common weak points noted when analyzing a website:
  • Unminified JavaScript and CSS files
  • Uncompressed pages and images
  • Uncompressed JavaScript and CSS files
  • HTML page load speed too slow
  • Uncached JavaScript and CSS files
  • Too many JavaScript and CSS files
  • Redirection chains and loops
  • Large HTML page size

Improve the loading speed of a website

Other studies show that 40% of Internet users leave a website when its charging time exceeds 3 seconds. Obviously, this data should be put into perspective because it varies depending on the country and the business sector. In fact, Internet users generally lose patience after 5 seconds. You can experience it yourself by surfing the web.


Test your website speed for free on this online tool

Pingdom tools

Anyway, the question of loading speed is strategic. If your site is too slow, you increase the risk of driving the visitor away. As a result, the percentage of Internet users who leave your site after viewing only one page increases. This is, in more technical terms, the rebound rate. It also impacts your Conversion rate, in other words the percentage of consumers who buy your product or service.

Every millisecond counts. The good news is that there is a real margin for improving website performance. There are 3 main solutions:

  • Clean up site redirects
  • Reduce the size of pages and files (images, videos, JavaScript and CSS)
  • Increase server performance

The advantages of working with Belmont Web

La page load speed is the first thing a user evaluates when they visit a website. In fact, it is an essential element to offer expérience quality to the user. It is also a ranking criterion on Google and other search engines, both on mobile and on desktop.

Our digital marketing agency based in Switzerland supports you inimproving the performance of your website at a great price. We take it in stages, clearly explaining the process to you, especially if you are new to it:

  • Realization of a complete audit of your pages.
  • Identification of all weak points.
  • Distribution of problems according to their level of severity.
  • Detailed report to the client.
  • Fixed issues.

Manual management of performance parameters of your website is demanding and time consuming. Thanks to proven expertise, our team offers you modern and efficient solutions. It only takes a few adjustments and reconfigurations to speed up your website. We then provide you with a monthly performance report to track progress.


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