Integrated marketing campaigns


With digital marketing, the possibilities are virtually endless. In addition to search engine optimization and content creation, it includes social media, email campaigns and even messaging apps. It's the users that drive it all forward, and digital agencies are increasingly able to follow them wherever they go.

Understanding this new landscape is critical for brands that want to expand their reach. Single-channel marketing approaches rarely have the desired effect on attracting customers. Companies that want to create successful digital campaigns need to think outside the box and deliver the same marketing message across a variety of media and channels.

What makes integrated marketing campaigns so effective?

According to a Google study, marketers who have an integrated marketing strategy are more likely to succeed than those who do not. This representation makes sense. As you might expect, the most successful brands are those that present a unified front to their customers.

Digital marketing campaigns are superficially similar to omnichannel marketing campaigns in terms of objective. In both cases, you are trying to get your audience to take action, such as buying your products, using a variety of different platforms.

However, digital marketing campaigns go a step further than omnichannel marketing by ensuring that each arm of the operation communicates with your customers through a consistent message.

The integrated marketing campaigns conducted by digital agencies are effective for many reasons.

  • A wider audience Digital Marketing: Compared to traditional marketing campaigns, digital marketing methods allow you to reach more people and introduce your products and services to a larger group of potential customers.
  • A synergy : Internet marketing can help you establish a stronger presence on others. Businesses that receive a significant amount of traffic on social media, for example, can frequently see their rankings in search results improve over time.
  • Cost-effectiveness One of the main advantages of digital marketing campaigns is the ability to quickly reuse and share content from one channel to another.
  • Reliability When it comes to reputation and trust, presenting yourself differently on multiple platforms creates confusion. Integrating your message to present a unified front builds credibility.
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How to succeed in digital marketing strategies?

There are a number of guiding principles to consider when developing an integrated marketing strategy.

  • Taking into account the transition

The goal of multichannel marketing is to make the customer experience more engaging for the customer. If there is no true integration, it can seem clumsy and inefficient.

Let's take the following scenario: a customer sees ads for your products on social media. Your goal is to convert them, so you direct them to your website, where they can complete the transaction.

How you approach this is extremely important. If you simply direct them to your homepage, it can lead to confusion and inconvenience for them. After all, the customer has inquired about a specific product and wants more information. Instead, you should direct them to a product-specific landing page that provides more information and addresses their concerns.

Billboards are another medium where a transition is essential for effective communication. If a customer sees a "10% off" ad while driving, they should be able to quickly find the same offer on your website when they visit it later. If they can't, they may be forced to give up.

  • Encourage communication

Managing an integrated multi-channel marketing campaign often requires the collaboration of multiple stakeholders in your organization. You'll end up with a far less integrated campaign than you'd hoped for if your team isn't on the same page as you.

Be sure to involve everyone in the conversation so that everyone can agree on the basics and specifics of your message. Everyone needs to buy into a centralized strategy.

  • Connecting channels

Finally, whenever possible, you will want to layer the channels together. Here are some quick suggestions:

->Set up sharing buttons to social networks

->Add QR codes to your printed marketing materials 

->Include links to your products and descriptions

->Please make sure your contact information is included on your pages

Contact our digital agency to guide you in your approach, we will be delighted to elaborate a marketing strategy tailored to your business.