What is a natural referencing agency?

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What are the missions of a natural referencing agency?

Since most company executives are unaware of the missions of a natural referencing agencyIt is essential to deal with this subject. First of all, we should give a clear definition of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a kind of optimization method that aims to improve the positioning of a website on search engines, the best known is probably Google. In other words, SEO allows a website to have a better visibility.

The competition to be at the top of the search engine results is becoming increasingly fierce. Once a company realizes the importance of SEO, they turn to SEO agencies to ensure a good ranking. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what they do and when to use their services.

Thus, a company really has everything to gain by a legitimate SEO agency. According to some studies, more than 90 % of online experiences are through a search engine query and over 45 % of search engine and more than 45 % of Internet users click on the first 3 results that appear.

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Black-hat SEO vs. white-hat SEO

We talk aboutreferencing agency legitimate, because it should be noted that there are 2 types of SEO on the web: black-hat SEO and white-hat SEO. If the first one uses methods that are not reliable, but that still allow a website to climb to the top of the search results, the second one is based on legitimate practices in order to have a better ranking. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid Black-Hat SEO, because sooner or later it will affect the ranking of your website.

But how SEO works in practice White-Hat ? You should know that about 200 variables are analyzed to determine the ranking of your website on search engines. Generally, Google will check certain points by asking the following questions:

  • Is your website reliable ?
  • Is it possible to adapt it with mobile devices? (Smartphones, tablets)
  • What about the page load speed on your site?   
  • Is your site's schema markup appropriate?
  • What about the quality of your web pages?
  • What about the length of your page content?
  • Are there any social signals that redirect to your website?
  • Does your website have quality backlinks?
  • Are the photos on your pages optimized?
  • What attracts people to your website?
  • Do you have a good tree structure (see our article)

Of course, it is possible to influence these variables, but not in any way. Indeed, it is necessary to adopt a good strategy.
Here is a link to test the technical basics of your site for SEO, on a score from 0 to 100 on more than 70 critical points.

Use a search engine optimization agency to benefit from a good search engine optimization strategy

It should be noted that the services offered by a natural referencing agency are numerous. Without a doubt, its services should include all the means to improve the visibility of your website on search results. Essentially, these are the analysis of the structure of your site, the analysis of the contents of your pages, the off-page analysis, the optimization of the structure and code of your site, the optimization of the contents of your pages and the off-page optimization.

Analysis of the structure of your site

It is true that Google and other search engines often ask us to create a website for Internet users and not for them. However, you should know that if you want to give satisfaction to Internet users, you must first design a website that can be easily deciphered by search engines. Therefore, it must be well structured. The analysis of this structure by a natural referencing agency is about :

  • Website security: the "s" at the end of HTTPS indicates that the site is secure.
  • Tracking tools to keep an eye on the behavior of Internet users
  • Errors on the site: among the most known errors, we can mention for example the presence of duplicated content, the blocking of Google's indexing robots.
  •  The presence of Robots.txt which is a file preventing the indexing of your site's pages by Google's robots.
  • Page loading speed: Indeed, search engines pay particular attention to the user experience. Since Internet users don't like to wait too long, the loading speed of your pages is a decisive factor for your ranking on search results.
  • The presence of metadata: for your ranking to be better, it would be wise to avoid duplicate title tags, optimize meta descriptions and content.
  • The conversion rate of the website
  • Indexing status
  • The site map or sitemap
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The analysis of the content of your pages

The analysis of the content of your pages by an agency of agency focuses more specifically on the diagnosis of certain elements. For example, we can mention :

  • The content hierarchy
  • Duplicate content problems
  • Voice search compatibility
  • Problems with inconsistencies between address, name and name and phone number

Since the content of a page is of paramount importance, a SEO agency will have the mission to structure yours so that your website is attractive to Internet users. This company will also analyze the relevance of the keywords you have chosen. It should be noted that the choice of keywords should not be taken lightly if you want to benefit from a better ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Off-page analysis

The success of your natural referencing depends primarily on the content of your pages. If your website is well known, you will have more chance to rank on the keyword you have chosen, but also you have chosen, but also if you have already had rave reviews before. Indeed, the comments left by Internet users are very important. But this is not the case for small businesses that have just started just starting their business. Indeed, people often say bad things about about them.

It is precisely in this situation that you should call upon the services of an SEO agency. By analyzing your website, they will be able to make adjustments so that the comments left by those who have visited your site are used to your advantage. In case they find an inappropriate comment, they will explain to you how to react to it and how to respond to unhappy customers. The goal of this company is to offer you a good presence on the web, so it uses different means to achieve it:

  • Creation of content focused on a specific region region
  • Increase the domain authority of your website
  • Multiply the organic traffic of the website
  • Creating good title tags and meta descriptions optimized for each product or service in a specific region
  • Verification of the consistency between the name, the address and telephone (NAP)
  • Implementation of semantic markup
  • And many others

This may come as a surprise to you, but these operations mentioned above can really give your website a better visibility on the Internet.

Optimization of the structure and code of your site

It should be noted that the structure and the code only need a few adjustments. But how does an SEO agency actually optimize them? Let's take a closer look:

  • Construction of the website's tree structure: this allows users to easily navigate through your website.
  • Correction of errors due to the exploration phase of your pages by Google
  • Adding internal links in the pages of your website
  • HTML code cleanup
  • Adding an XML sitemap to your site  

The optimization of the content of your pages

If you want your website to be well referenced, it is not enough to create content for your pages and put them online afterwards. Indeed, it is necessary to enrich your pages quite often. This implies the creation of new content on a regular basis. But to continuously generate natural traffic on your site, you can use the services of a natural referencing agency who will perform certain tasks:

  • Removal or rewriting of duplicate content
  • Adding keywords (main keyword and secondary keyword) in the secondary keyword) in the titles in order to put all the chances to have a better ranking on the search results on your side
  • Creation of new pages that deal with attractive topics.
  • Insertion of quality images on the pages to attract the attention of Internet users
  • Creating an effective landing page

Off-page optimization

When it comes to SEO, content optimization is not enough. Indeed, off-page optimization, i.e. the reputation of a website, is also necessary. For this, thenatural referencing agency will perform certain tasks:

  • Development of a set of targeted SEO strategies to get your site ranked in the top results of searches conducted in your search results in your area.
  • Search for a partnership with a blog that deals with the same theme as yours.
  • Update your directories
  • Proposal for new directories
  • Communicate your new services   

A natural referencing agency follows the evolution of your referencing

Optimizing a website does not only imply the modification of its contents but also the follow-up of its referencing. For this, a natural referencing agency goes through 2 steps :

  • First, the daily, weekly or monthly monitoring of your website's ranking, traffic and conversion rate.
  • Secondly, the search for other ways to improve the site
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When should I hire a search engine optimization agency?

The use of a natural referencing agency is not mandatory. However, it is necessary in certain situations. Firstly, you want to develop your business. Secondly, you want to boost your sales. Third, you want to outrank your competitors in terms of ranking in search engines. But there are other reasons why you should you to call upon the services of this agency specialized in web visibility :

  • If you want to secure the future of your business
  • If you want to position yourself on a new market new market

How to find the best SEO agency?

From what we have seen above, there are SEO agencies that practice black-hat SEO. Since the partnership with this agency is long term, it would be a shame to fall into the wrong one. Of course, all companies always promise something. But the sad truth is that most of them do not keep their promises. So avoid at all costs hiring those who promise you something like improving your website's ranking or doubling your website's traffic overnight. In order not to have any regrets later on, you should avoid hiring SEO agencies that offer these kinds of promises, even if they are enticing.

How to recognize a black-hat referencing ?

When SEOs promise you a better result in a short period of time, you should be careful. Because of their bad practice, the reputation of SEO agencies is tarnished. In most cases, they develop software to create multiple trash pages and buy links from unsavory websites. Black-hat SEO also involves creating duplicate content and fake press releases. Although their strategy works, Google will always end up identifying them, especially thanks to these 2 algorithms: Panda and Penguin.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire a legitimate SEO agency that will make your site more visible on the web and save you from being punished. Note that some SEOs claim copyright for the metadata they have created for you. Be aware that a legitimate SEO agency will never ask you for this kind of thing, because anything they have edited or analyzed for you belongs only to you.

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Everything you need to ask a search engine optimization agency before hiring them

Assuming you have found an agency and want to hire them to improve the visibility of your website, here are some tips to follow. First of all, check the reviews of other companies that have already used their services. So, if the reviews are negative, move on and look for another agency specialized in web visibility. In addition, before any commitment, you should know some points:

  • First, what is in your partnership contract with the SEO agency
  • Then, the way you will interact with it
  • Finally, the steps to cancel the contract if you are unable to access your site

Also ask if you would have full access to your website as well as your Google Analytics and Google Adwords accounts. Also ask if the agency offers guarantees and if they have worked with a company in the same industry as you. Finally, you need to know the cost of referencing and the different ways to pay the SEO agency.

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